KingBox - Corporation Introduction

KingBox Electronics Co., Ltd is founded in 1993. Its headquarters is located in Taiwan and has its own processing plants and offices spread around the world in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, the United States and Canada. It is a professional manufacturer that is in line with international leading technology and is committed to memory storage device applications and services.

As a well-known brand in the industry, KingBox electronic has leading technology in research and development with strong production strength in every field. The company has specific departments focusing on advanced technology and product testing. KingBox also maintains a close cooperative relationship with major chip manufacturers around the world.

KingBox brand products go through strict inspection and select out the best-created chips and components. It eliminates the products compatibility issues and ensures the highest quality of the RAM component. Every RAM created by KingBox has passed the 6 to 8-hour burn-in pressure test, and the core of the craftsmanship is unique and extraordinary.

KingBox is the first in the world to invent the six-layer/eight-layer bi-color double-surface thermal dissipation PCB board. As a result, it will minimize signal interference caused by high-speed frequencies by adopting the far-infrared heat dissipation technology. Effectively improving signal quality and ensuring the Ram performs at a high speed under strong frequency interference. The connection port is made with high wear-resistant electroplating gold technology, which completely closes the memory slot contacts to ensure signal stability.

KingBox has obtained the patented technology of personalized LED indicator certified by the national Intellectual Property Administration, match with the mature TSOP and FBGA particle packaging technology, VIP-level after-sales service, guarantees the high quality of the KingBox Ram to a great extent and excellent workmanship.

In many professional fields such as desktops, notebooks, servers, mobile hard drives and industrial computers, the KingBox factory has an abundant and complete product line. In the OEM field, it has nearly 20 years of experience in manufacturing OEMs oversea and domestically. It offers professionally designed products to buyers with a variety of options.

Since KingBox has entered the domestic market in China, the company has received full attention and recognition from many local IT media and has become a well-known brand highly recommended by many authoritative media organizations. It is also the first choice and recommendation of professional players and DIY enthusiasts. KingBox official distributors are located in all major provinces in China.

In recent years, the company has been striving to create a global brand image. It aims to provide customers with the ultimate performance experience and 100% stable KingBox DRAM module. It adheres to the business philosophy of Quality result, high performance, continuous innovation and quality service. Our company is dedicated to collaborating with all great minds coming from all places to build KingBox into the best brand of China.